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New book release entitled "European Childhoods: Cultures, Politics and Childhoods in Europe"
Date:March 27th, 2008

We are pleased to announce the publication of the book European Childhoods: Cultures, Politics and Childhoods in Europe with a remarkable collection of chapters around childhood edited by Allison James and Adrian L. James. 

Edited by two of the leading academics in the field of childhood studies, this collection draws together contributions from a number of different European countries. It sets out to explore the ways in which 'culture' is produced and reproduced through social policies and practices relating to children and to identify any commonalities or differences between them, a task which is of central importance to the debate about both individual and national identities in the context of a developing Europe. Drawing on a variety of empirical evidence - including the analysis of policy documents in different European States, the consideration of how 'childhood' is constructed and represented through the implementation of such policies, and the impact of these on children themselves , the book offers a revealing analysis of the different ways in which children are positioned by such policies throughout Europe and asks about the significance of these both for childhood and for the future adult citizens that today's children will become.

European Childhoods: An Overview; A.James & A.James
Children as New Citizens: In the Best Interests of the Child; A.T.Kjørholt
Children In Nature: Cultural Ideas and Social Practices In Norway; R.D.Nilsen
Children's Cultures and New Technologies: A Gap Between Generations? Some Reflections on the Spanish Context; F.Casas
Children at the Margins? Changing Constructions of Childhood in Contemporary Ireland; D.Devine
Changing Childhood in the UK: Reconstructing Discourses of 'Risk' and 'Protection'; A.James & A.James
Institutional Upbringing: A Discussion of the Politics of Childhood in Contemporary Denmark; E.Gulløv
Education and the Cultural Politics of Childhood in Cyprus; S.Spyrou
Children's Culture, Cultural Education and Policy Approaches to Children's Culture: The Case of Germany; H.Hengst
Work and Care: Re-Constructing Childhood Through Child-Care Policy in Germany; M-S.Honig
Childhood in the Welfare State; J.Qvortrup


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