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International Centre for Child and Youth Studies (ICCYS) Diploma Course
Date:February 22nd, 2008

2008 International Centre for Child and Youth Studies (ICCYS) Diploma Course “Children and Youth in Development” is open for applications.

“The Children, Youth and Development diploma programme engages participants in changing ideas, debates, and policy-making on child and youth issues. It takes an interdisciplinary, rights-based approach that draws on the study of education, health, sexuality, work/employment, conflict, rights and culture to address issues of youth welfare and justice.”

In its fourth successive and successful year of running, the programme provides strong grounding in key issues, concepts and debates in the field of child and youth studies in the development context. Key problem areas are explored, with a focus on issues and debates in policy and implementation. The participants’ skills in rights-based policy analysis and programme development will be strengthened. Study visits are made to various relevant international, government and NGO agencies in the Netherlands, as well as to one or more European countries. By the end of the programme participants will have become familiar with key ideas and debates on childhood and youth in the social sciences and have explored key problem areas in this field. Special attention is paid to the design of effective child-centred programmes and projects; the implications of children’s rights and rights-based approaches for policy-making and programming. Participants will improve their capacities to prepare and present professional briefing papers and proposals.

CYD is intended for young and mid-career professionals in international, national, and local development agencies who work on issues involving children and youth. It is also appropriate for those working in institutes of higher education and research, and those who intend to follow a career path in the field of children/youth and development.

For more info on how to apply, please contact or go to or

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